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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme

In most cases you can beat the habit within one to two sessions. 

How would your life improve if you gave up smoking today???

Visit one of the Sunshine Coast's leading hypnotherapy clinics in person or via zoom to quit smoking fast.

If you are ready to step into a new, healthier life, then start today.  Giving up any addiction is a matter of de-conditioning those old triggers and re-conditioning something better.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking is one of the most effective treatments on the planet.  It is quick, will only cost you the price of a couple of cartons of cigarettes and more imporatantly, it lasts...

My Quit Smoking Programme is Built in Three Easy Steps

Step one
Be AT Threshold

You need to be absolutely ready to quit those cigarettes.  If you are 100% committed then this process will be simple.  If you are still on the fence then your therapist can help get you to that point quickly.

Step two
Remove Triggers

Discover your triggers.  What do you think about, what pictures do you see in your mind, what do you say to yourself, how do you feel when you want another cigarette?  Hypnosis and NLP will help you rapidly remove the charge from all of these triggers.  Even if you 'think' you may want a cigarette, the drive will simply be gone. 

Step three
Install A positive Future

In order to make the changes stick you will need to be invested in maintaining a positive healthy future for you and your family.  Through hypnosis your mind will become totally focussed on this positive future so that you simply won't need to think about the old ways again. 

What Happens During a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session?

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programme starts with a pre-talk session to identify your needs and how you are currently creating the desire for cigarettes.  Once this is clarified then a range of processes will be chosen to help you change.

Through hypnosis, you are guided into a calm relaxed state of mind where you begin to easily and effortlessly change the way your brain and body ‘feel’ about reaching for a cigarette.  You simply won’t have the ‘urge’ anymore.

After trying almost everything else, you will be surprised how easy it is to change stubborn old behaviours with Hypnotherapy.  That’s because you are working with your unconscious mind.

I’m sure you’ll agree that willpower is often not enough.  There’s a deeper unconscious drive that makes you reach for those cigarettes without even thinking it through.  That next cigarette is in your hands before you know it!   Hypnosis will help you create new pathways in your brain and body.

After each session, you will notice the changes happening quickly.  Those old triggers won’t be there anymore, that repetitive cycle will be cut.  In no time at all, you will start to really enjoy feeling good again.

Hypnosis is incredibly relaxing, simple and enjoyable.  Everyone can do it and you feel great afterwards, like a deep power nap!

You are in control at all times.

From there you will be taught a number of mindfulness, breathing and quick 'beat the urge' tools to help you meet any challenges easily in the future.

do you feel like this?

The Evidence is In...

Forty Years Of Research Points To The Fact That Hypnotherapy Is One Of The Most Successful Treatments For Immediate And Long Term Success In Quitting Smoking.  Here’s A Few Findings:
Hypnotherapy is 3 times more effective than costly nicotine patches and 15 times more effective than using willpower.  This was confirmed in an analysis of over 600 studies with more than 72000 people.
In a 2004 study, 81 per cent of smokers who attended a set of three hypnotherapy sessions were able to quit smoking. What’s more, 12 months later, nearly 50 per cent had maintained their smoke free status.
Within 20 minutes your blood pressure drops, within 24 hours you are less likely to have a heart attack and carbon monoxide levels are back to normal.  Within just 3 days you are breathing clearer.  Within 3 months that cough has gone and within 12 months you are now half as likely to have a heart attack.
Here’s one last reason – You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Why not give the Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programme a real chance to make fast and exciting changes in your health and life.

I will help you Quit Smoking For Life:

Are you ready To Breathe Clearly again Today?

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