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Dear friend,

Are you ready for an upgrade to the software that runs your mind?    Install some new apps, delete those old repetitive programmes and powerfully move toward your next level NOW…  

The 180 Process is a Fast Track to Living a Life of Fulfillment and Success.

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have someone behind you, in your team, encouraging, motivating and inspiring you to take bold action in life?  

It’s so easy to get motivated and then lose it again.  It’s so common for people to spend 10 years on the same hamster wheel, just not really knowing how to make things change.

Infact, over the past 20 years in this field, it has become so regular to see people in their 40’s and 50’s looking at their life and saying, ‘is this it’?

‘I’ve had the kids, done the career, bought the house, done the travel and somehow I’m still not satisfied, not truly happy!’

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s common to be in your mid twenties, having studied, travelled and partied a lot and then thinking I’m just not really sure what I want my life to be about.  

How great would it be to learn the right tools, life hacks and understandings about how to move forward in life from the start without having to waste precious years trying to figure it all out?

The 180 Process is for those who feel a little stuck and are ready to get back on track.  This programme helps you step back and determine who you want to be in life first and then creates a plan to make this happen.  It’s about learning the tools to help you navigate your mind, clear old patterns, install better beliefs and get deeply motivated to step forward.

The 180 Process - 3 Step Formula

Everyone is different and will have a different process for growth but what we've discovered is that many people benefit from 3 key steps in reclaiming their mental edge.   


Step 1

This is the step that most personal development programmes miss.  It’s not just about setting goals and taking action.  The first critical step is to learn how to step back, look at the whole picture of your life from a different perspective and then decide who do you want to Be moving forward.

The Rebrand phase will get you to ask a lot of questions, find out your needs, beliefs, the things that are important to you and the things that are holding you back.

You finish this section with either a new brand for the next phase of life or an updated version of the direction you’re already on. Rebrand is your life mission statement that lights the path toward the next phase.


Step 2

Once you’ve determined who you want to be and why you want to move in this direction it’s time to identify what might be holding you back.  Rewire is about transforming certain aspects of your mind so that you don’t keep falling in the same holes.  

Most people are totally blown away at how different they think and feel within only a few sessions.  It’s literally as though you are installing new software or downloading a new app on your phone.  Once it’s there, it’s yours to use forever.

Rewire is highly enjoyable and fun.  Installing new programmes and removing old blockages is done in a relaxed state whether in person or online.  These are some of the most enjoyable sessions in this programme.


Step 3

The final stage of this process is about guiding you to take action.  This is often where things come unstuck.  However, with the unconscious mind now working with and not against you, it is relatively easy to start working toward your Next Level NOW…

You will be encouraged to begin at the end, with your goal in mind and then work backwards to develop a plan, establish the resources, identify the right moves at the right times and start with manageable, realistic steps forward.

This is where Next Level NOW comes to life.  You begin to see the fruits of your actions.  You get totally excited about what’s coming and your energy goes through the roof as you want to do nothing else but this moving forward.

Why Use A Coach

Coaching is the fastest growing industry in the world today!  

People are realising that they don't have to navigate this fast paced, often confusing modern world on their own.  It's an incredible feeling to have someone in your team.  

With the pace of technology and the demands of life getting that much faster it can be hard to take the time for yourself to get back on track, ask the right questions and take appropriate action.

It can be even harder to balance outward success with the inward demands of happiness, love,  and relationship.

This is the unique offering of Next Level Now.  Not only are you supported to achieve your outward goals but more importantly you are encouraged to take care of your inner values and needs first.  This changes everything!

Michael Daly - Mind Performance Coach

My name is Michael Daly.  Twenty years ago I made a huge change in my life and decided to throw in my past life in Criminal Law and Business Marketing to become a healer, educator, therapist and coach.  I had some kind of an epiphany where I stopped in my tracks, imagined my life at the end and asked myself one simple question – what did I most want my life to have been about?

I decided that the only thing that really motivated me was living my best life imaginable and helping others to do the same.  

Over the past 20 years I have trained thousands of people in the Eastern philosophies and practices of Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga.  I have run over 60 meditation and yoga retreats in Australia and Internationally as well as nearly 10 000 hours of educational training in health, wellness and mindset.

Having spent many years creating change in large group formats I wanted to be able to support people on an individual basis to work through deeper issues.  I trained in Kinesiology and then turned my attention to Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Mindfulness Based Coaching, completing my studies with a Diploma of Modern Psychology.  

 I now run large scale trainings and one on one personalised coaching.  


 Thank you for asking me to do things that I would not naturally choose to do of my own accord.  Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and pushing me beyond my self established limits.  Thank you for hearing me and responding to my enquiries.  Thank you for helping my journey and transformation by providing unique insight.  Thank you for teaching me ways to heal myself and thereby heal others.  

Tabatha Smith


Life Changing

  I wanted to thank you deeply for the amazing experience, knowledge and wisdom that you kindly shared.  It was truly transformative.  I am going to use these techniques for the rest of my life and this has definitely set me on a wonderful new path.  Thank you once again. 

Tristan Griffiths


Testimonial from Andrew Roberts - Farm Owners Academy

Traditional Coaching vs The 180 Process

All coaching can be great.  The choice for you is simply whether you are looking for a deeper connection and balance in your life or just more money and success.  The 180 Process will not only get your outer world in flow it will help you create a masterpiece of your life at all levels.


The 180 Process

Why the discount?

Coaching is traditionally expensive as you are buying someone's time and expertise and paying for the privilege of having someone keep you on track.

However, this pricing often excludes people from enjoying the benefits.  My sole aim in life is to see people happy, fulfilled and successful.  I want to see my kids grow up into a better world.  That only starts when everyone takes responsibility for their own inner state.  

If I can play my part in making other's lives better without the super heavy price tag then I am thrilled to do that. 

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