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Understanding NLP and Hypnosis

What is NLP really about?  

Neuro Linguistic Programming has been around since the 1970's but not many people still really understand what it is and more importantly how to use it to change your life.  

A Quick Demo of NLP

NLP has so many wonderful tools and techniques to change your state, reprogramme your subconscious and move you toward success.  Here is a quick fun exercise to anchor in positive states.  

What is Hypnosis?

We've all seen the stage shows but this really has nothing to do with hypnotherapy. 

So how can you use hypnosis to actually create rapid and lasting change at the deepest level of your mind???

Overcome Anxiety - Tools and Understandings

3 Powerful Tools to Beat A

nxiety FAST

Learn a powerful 3 Step formula for overcoming any troubling pattern - the triple I process.  Use your body, breathing and awareness to flick the switch from anxiety to calm fast.  

The Yawn Technique for beating Anxiety

It might sound strange but yawning is actually a great way to interrupt the flow of anxiety and stress.  Find out how.

Anxiety - Stop breathing deeply

Everybody is told to take a deep breath when they feel anxiety but it's actually the worst advice!  Learn why this is so an

d find out how to breathe properly to reduce anxiety rapidly.

Meditation and Breathwork

Reclaim Effortless Relaxed Breathing

The single most important thing you can do to start feeling better today is slow, soft belly breathing.  It's easy and it's a super power!

Meditation 2.0

Learn the simple 4 step formula for creating your own meditation practice using the Calm Living method that has helped thousands re-claim a calm mind.

Meditation - Why You Must

Every human on the planet owes it to themself, their relationship and their success to be meditating regularly.  It changes everything!

Energy Tapping - How and Why

Energy Tapping - What is it?

About 20 years ago a major discovery was made about how to use meridian points to release stress, anxiety, phobias and negative emotions fast.  It's almost a miracle!

Faster EFT - Full Demo

Learn all the necessary steps to start using energy tapping in your life.  

Faster EFT - Quick Demo

Start here if you already have some idea of energy tapping and just need a refresher.

Mindset and Performance

Taking Perspectives

Learn how to shift your mindset quickly by seeing the world from different perspectives.  Focus on where you are going rather than all your worries...

Conscious Corrections

Whenever you move forward you often get a bounce back to all those old patterns.  Go with this energy rather than fight it.  Create small corrections and then an action plan out of it.

Integrating Your Different Parts - coming soon

We all have different 'parts' inside us that compete for attention and create internal conflicts.  There are ways to develop a dialogue with these different parts that leads to integration rather than fighting.

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