Would your life improve if your mind was working in it's most optimal state?  

Spend 3 or more sessions with a qualified Mind Performance Coach and rapidly shift stress, old behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back.  

Work together to create powerful goals and action steps to help you move forward into new levels of abundance, confidence & self belief so you can perform at your absolute best in life.    

Mind Performance Coaching is a whole new way of helping you move forward in life.  

The old way is to sit down with someone and talk through your problems which can often make them worse!  

The new research tells us that the brain is actually changing rapidly, all the time.  

The trick is to go to where the old patterns are stored and re-write the code, reframe the memories and re-pattern those old beliefs at the level of the Unconscious mind.  

Then change can happen fast!  

Mind Performance Coaching can be used for numerous areas of your life.  Just about any problem where your brain is involved with your body can be assisted through Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, Meditation and Time Line Therapy.

Why Use a Mind Performance Coach

Overcome Stress, Fatigue and Burn Out
Reduce Anxiety
Enhance Performance in Sports, Business, Speaking, Exams & Life
Re-pattern Traumas and release grief 
Quit Smoking, Release Addictions, Lose Weight
Overcome insomnia
Create a powerful abundant future 
Learn to Meditate, Breathe, Slow Down and Relax

How it Works

Mind Performance Coaching utilises tools such as Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness Based Coaching to help you create exciting inner changes fast.

This is not a miracle cure but for some people it can feel like it.  After trying so hard to fix problems yourself or perhaps using other traditional therapies, these powerful new ways of working with the mind can seem almost too good to be true.

Sessions are highly enjoyable.  You feel great afterwards  – energised and clear, yet deeply relaxed.  

You are in control of the process at all times…

Plans & Pricing

Book a free 20 minute Discovery Call today to assess your needs and see if Mind Performance Coaching can help you achieve your goals in life.

Breakthrough Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP

Specialty areas include:

Trauma, Anxiety, Confidence, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Grief, Insomnia, Public Speaking, Sports Performance, Stress Management.

Single Breakthrough Session - 2Hrs +

$260 AUD

Three Session Package 

Preferable for Most People

Initial 2hrs + 2 x 75 min sessions

$640 AUD

Ongoing Sessions - $190

60 mins

Breakthrough Mind Performance Coaching

A breakthrough experience is a comprehensive makeover programme for your mind and health, designed to support you in moving toward your life goals with greater ease and efficiency.  

This is an ongoing programme of coaching and support.  You choose a life area that you want to improve significantly e.g. finances, career, relationship, mental health, spirituality, sports performance.  

You begin with 3 powerful breakthrough sessions (75-90mins) one week apart to help you create rapid change and renewed focus.  

The ongoing coaching programme consists of 3 powerful deep dive sessions per month to refine your goals, keep you accountable and manage any obstacles that arise along the way.  

$800 AUD per month 

3 Month minimum

Specialist Packages

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Anxiety and Depression

choose your image

Quit Smoking

choose your image

Lose Weight

choose your image

Sports Performance 

choose your image

Phobias and Fears

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Trauma and Grief

About Michael Daly

My name is Michael Daly.  Twenty years ago I made a huge change and decided to throw in my past life in Criminal Law and Business Marketing to become a healer, educator, therapist and coach.  I had some kind of an epiphany where I stopped in my tracks, imagined my life at the end and asked myself one simple question – what did I most want my life to have been about?

I decided that the only thing that really motivated me was living my best life imaginable and helping others to do the same.  

Over the past 20 years I have trained thousands of people in programmes that we call The Art of Living.   I have run over 65 meditation, mindset and wellness retreats both in Australia and Internationally as well as nearly 10 000 hours of educational vocational training in health, wellness and mindset.  

Having spent many years creating change in large group formats I began supporting people on an individual basis to work through deeper issues and move toward their best life.  

I have Trainer level certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Mindfulness Based Coaching, and a Diploma of Modern Psychology.  

I offer large scale trainings plus one-on-one personalised coaching and mentoring.  

Where Mind Performance Coaching Can Support You!

Stress less - achieve more

High performers manage stress better than anyone but this doesn't mean it's healthy.  

Sad Fact - Stress causes inflammation and inflammation is the leading cause of most major diseases.

If you're not managing stress regularly there's every chance it's eating away at you from the shadows.  

Poor sleep, poor digestion, low immunity, decreased libido, poor memory, foggy mind, irritability - this list goes on.  

Manage stress better - uncover the inner and outer triggers for stress in your life.  Develop a plan to live smarter and implement a series of simple life tools such as breathing, meditation, diet, exercise and self hypnosis to rapidly create change. 

In 3-6 weeks you can dramatically alter the course of your brain and body.  It's fun, simple and painless.  

Overcome anxiety - feel great again

A busy life equals a busy mind.  When your brain can't access its Alpha Relax programme easily it creates anxiety.  

You worry, obsess, can't sleep, feel on edge all the time, can't perform when you need to!

Good News - anxiety is relatively easy to manage.  

A few sessions to change your anxiety triggers and then re-install better brain signals is all it takes.  

 - Sports performance 

 - Public speaking 

 - General anxiety

 - Panic Attacks

You can start changing TODAY!

Re-imagine Trauma - Start Fresh

Everyone on the planet has experienced pain in life

But some people have had it a lot worse than others.  

The Good News - whether the trauma is mild or intense, the pattern in your brain is the same...

At some point your brain decided that it needed to create certain behaviours, beliefs and emotions to keep you safe from a challenging situation.  

You're a success!  Your brain is now doing a great job at running that programme...

The better news - you can re-code your brain to do a different job.

Overcoming trauma doesn't require you to talk about your problems or re-live bad experiences.  You start by releasing the charge, lowering stress and then creating better programmes, images and feelings.  

2-6 sessions may be required to help you develop an entirely new way of feeling about yourself and the world.

Reframe Beliefs - Release Addictions

Most adult patterns were learnt in early childhood.  Part of you knows you want something better but part of you just keeps playing out that old behaviour.

Parts Therapy is one of the most powerful tools in NLP and Hypnosis.  You relax and actually speak to these different parts inside you that have been controlling your behaviour.  

They start to understand each other, what they've been trying to achieve and most importantly how to work together to move you forward not keep you stuck.  

If you've been running an old programme you will be amazed at the power of Parts Therapy.  Life will simply change before your eyes as it has for hundreds of clients before you...

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