Life Transformation Retreat

7 Days to Ignite Your Life

Live the Second Half better than the first!
We help people rediscover their vitality, passions and life direction.

Wouldn't it be great to have a place you can retreat to, each year if you like, where you can refresh your batteries, cleanse your body, improve your fitness, overcome stress, reclaim mental focus and take some time to get really clear on your life goals and direction.

Life Transformation Retreats have been designed precisely for that purpose.

This is one week for you to take some much needed time out and begin sculpting the life you desire so you can live the second half more spectacularly than the first.

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Life Transformation Retreats

Are you one of the millions of people who reach a point in life having achieved some success, made some money, built a career, maybe raised a family and then honestly checked in with yourself and realised:

I'm just not happy.  I'm not fulfilled?

Maybe you hear yourself asking the question - is this all there is? 

You catch yourself thinking - there has to be more to life than this!

Well there is!

Right now is the time to re-discover the source of what we call your inner wealth.

About This Programme


Through a simple and highly enjoyable step by step process, you will steadily reclaim what we call your inner wealth resources.

Each day of this programme focuses on a new step of self discovery...


And yet it's in Step 4 where the magic really happens. 



Rather than the hard pull of life and responsibilities that we call living from the outside in, you start to feel an inner aliveness that's been locked away and straining to be heard.

Over the 7 days of this retreat we show you the principles, tools and practices to allow this new operating system to become the primary driver of your inspired new life. 

You will learn:

How your body and mind are intimately connected and as you change your shape you instantly change your state.
That your mindset transforms your body and your life.  
That meditation is the secret to a deeply peaceful and fulfilling life.
How nutrition and key supplements will transform your mind and energy rapidly.
Quick practices you can do each day to support you reclaiming incredible energy and motivation 
How to shift beliefs and emotions rapidly
How the ancient practices of yoga, breathing and mindfulness are your best support in living a quality life. 

About Michael and Vanessa

Michael Daly and Vanessa Rudge are the founders of Being Yoga and Mind Performance Institute.  We've been leading literally thousands of people to find their inner wealth resources for over 20 years.  Both of us at some point in our life just woke up to the fact that for this world to change out there it first needs to change in here.

We've spent well over 10 000 hours training, coaching and inspiring people to live their most authentic fulfilled life through training courses, 60+ worldwide retreats, online programmes and books.  We are one of Australia's most successful yoga and meditation training centres as well as offering high performance coaching and therapy on an individual basis.

Michael is the author of the meditation book 'Calm Living' and the creative juice behind many of these training programmes.  Vanessa is the founder of Mum's Unleashed and the beautiful and honest guide who will inspire you with her humility, vulnerability and unshakeable self determination.

We are business owners, authors, yoga trainers, meditation teachers, NLP Master Practitioners, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Modern Psychologists and Remedial Therapists but above all else we are life loving people in mid life, passionate about helping you navigate your sails to catch that new gust of inspiration and renewed passion.

What's included

7 Days of meals and accommodation on retreat in Byron Bay or Bali
4 Star Twin Share accommodation - single room optional with supplement
Delicious and nutritious food programme with optional juice fast. 
Daily yoga and movement practices
Morning and afternoon meditation and breathwork sessions
Optional sunrise mountain climb
Fully guided 7 step Life Transformation Programme


I thank whatever it was that pinged in my gut the evening I stumbled across your website. It was a strong instinct that it was the place I needed to be, the leap I needed to take to really enter the world I wanted to live in. And that instinct was so spot on!  From day one I knew I was in the right place.  Thank you both for welcoming me onto this course, for all of your wisdom and for the courage to move through your personal struggles to transform and share with others.  

Breana Mann


I am thankful to be on this course with Vanessa and Michael and for the fun that has continued.  I am thankful for the meditation and breathing and have embraced both wholeheartedly.  I am so thankful that in a such a short space of time I have been uplifted from a dark place of pain, depression and uncertainty to a place of wellness and certainty.  

Glennie K


I honestly don't think any words can describe the deep gratitude I have for being part of this course with you.  I am grateful for you both providing a means for taking the time for self enquiry and observation. Being on this journey with you both has allowed me to tap into a part of myself which has been lost and hiding so deep inside.  I see glimpses of more light and confidence ever so slowly slipping in the everyday life.  

Kim Kurtz

Imagine living in a way that you are truly proud to say this is the life I have created, not merely the one I inherited.
Would you like to join us this year for an incredible 7 Days to Ignite Your Life?

Life Renewal Retreat Programme

The complete 7 Day Life Renewal Retreat with daily health, wellness and mindset training, daily yoga & meditation, guided inner change work processes, volcano climb, cultural events, cacao ceremony, sound healings, juice cleanse and full dietary programme.

4 Star Twin Share Accommodation + Meals and Activities 

Single Supplement - $450

Life Renewal Complete Package

The ultimate change formula - 7 day Life Renewal Programme PLUS 3 months of individual high performance coaching upon your return home.  If you want to make a genuine lasting change this is the package for you.  

The retreat opens the door and the coaching ensures you see it through into every area of your life.  It holds you accountable and helps resolve any obstacles to your renewed success.  A game changer!  

You can change these options at any time

Bookings Now Open

Secure your place on this course before it sells out

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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.

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