Mind Performance Institute

Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Sunshine Coast
1-4 August

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the mind and transform lives? 

Join one of Australia's most experienced mindset trainers for a transformative 4 day Clinical Hypnotherapy course, where you'll delve into the depths of the subconscious and emerge as a confident practitioner.

This Training is For You If You Are...

Already a Hypnotherapist and wanting to learn more advanced techniques. 
Maybe you are a health professional, psychologist or counsellor looking to update your skills to work more with the unconscious mind with cutting edge, modern tools for rapid change?  
Passionate about helping people move through inner life challenges such as addictions, trauma, weight loss, insomnia, pain, phobias and fears.
Someone looking to make some inner life shifts or maybe even a career change.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
is becoming a highly respected and researched field of professional therapy!

Upon completion of this four day training you can begin to bring hypnotherapy into your own life, begin building a thriving hypnotherapy business or introduce these new techniques into your existing therapy business.   

This is a complete Practitioner training that takes you from the basics to advanced in a short time.

"Hypnosis trainings are fun, playful and interactive.  You spend half the training in deep states of inner trance, apply what you learn immediately and enjoy making some great changes in yourself along the way."

Completing your training in Hypnotherapy means you can set up a practice or work online with individuals to support them in a wide range of areas including:  

Quit Smoking
Weight Loss
Anxiety and Stress Management
Pain Management
Trauma and Grief
Phobias and Fears
Sports Performance, Public Speaking, Confidence
Basically any condition where the mind is involved!!!

Blown Away

I definitely couldn't believe the techniques could work as well as they did and having done the training myself this week it makes me see how you could make a really deep and profound change in other people.

Kaitlyn Flynn

Day 1: Self-Mastery, Self Hypnosis and How To Hypnotise Anyone!

Immerse yourself in the power of self-hypnosis and be guided in a number of fun, deep and highly enjoyable hypnosis sessions.     

You will learn to harness the potent tool of hypnotherapy to:

Learn the simple 9 step Krasner Method for Hypnotherapy.
Dive deep into the renowned Elman method for fast hypnotic inductions
Practice the art of Self Hypnosis
Learn how to lead a complete client session with confidence, craft personalized suggestions, and catalyze profound subconscious change. 

Day 2: Client Centred Hypnotherapy

Learn the art of Ericksonian hypnosis.  This works with the clients inner model of the world where they find their own answers rather than you forcing suggestions on them.  You learn how to:  

Access the clients deeper unconscious mind
Use the power of hypnotic language, metaphor and subtle suggestions to help the client develop new insight and clarity.
Link powerful inner resource states to problem states making inner change fast and enjoyable. 

Day 3: Internal Parts Work, Fears and Phobias, Trauma

Begin learning more advanced hypnosis tools for performing powerful inner change work and therapy.  

How to use hypnotic phenomena to read the inner mind.  
Learn a simple, one session cure for fears and phobias
Help clients integrate internal conflicts by talking to different parts inside.
Discover tools for working with past traumas.

Day 4: Diagnostics, Pain and Regression

Learn how to use hypnosis to uncover deeper patterns that are preventing healing and growth.  

Help the client build greater self awareness and clarity.
Discover a simple tool for regression therapy.
Learn how to lead a complete client session with confidence, craft personalized suggestions, and catalyze profound subconscious change.

Costs & Dates

130 Hr Advanced Practitioner Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  

August 1-4
Sunshine Coast.


Reduced Price - $1500

Study to become a highly competent Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy  to gain insurance and begin working with clients.  

Attend an inspirational and transformative 4 day Practitioner  Hypnotherapy training on the Sunshine Coast.  This course takes you from the basics to advanced and builds your skills and confidence to make powerful changes in your clients.  

Additional home practice, readings, and assessment questions are completed in order for you to earn your certification with 130 hours of clinical hypnotherapy training—a solid foundation for professional practice in Australia and beyond.

Introduction to Hypnotherapy
Home Study Programme  $495 

Included Free with the Practitioner Training

Upon enrollment you will be sent a book and manual with some pre-learning questions to get you started and excited for your Practitioner training.  

This material teaches you how to use hypnosis on yourself for powerful inner change.  

It also teaches you how to conduct complete hypnotherapy sessions and includes a number of powerful hypnotic inductions alongside complete session outlines for working with, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety and Confidence.

Work at this course, at home, at your own pace.

Next Course Starts In:

I cannot believe what learning hypnotherapy has done for my life!

"This course has blown my mind. I have had the most powerful inner life changes through hypnosis and am amazed at what I can now do to help my clients.  I can highly recommend this training.  Michael is an amazing facilitator... 

Kassandra Snow

Clinical Hypnotherapist

An Internationally Recognised Qualification to Get You Started...

About Michael Daly

Michael Daly has been leading inspirational mind performance programmes for over 20 years in Australia and abroad.  He leads regular retreats in mindfulness and mindset and is a sought after presenter with corporate organisations.

He says that three things are really required for great success in life.  

- Being able to release the limiting patterns of the past. 

- Imagining and then taking massive action toward a compelling future.

- Learning how to find peace and contentment in the here and now regardless of success or failure in life.  

Having played sports at highly competitive levels early in life, Michael came to realise the power of mindset from a young age.  Spending many years under the tutelage of Buddhist and Yogic masters, Michael also came to realise the importance of managing the mind in order to find happiness, peace and contentment in life regardless of success.  

He is a certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Time Line Therapy and Meditation, has a Bachelors Degree in Business, a Diploma in Modern Psychology and is a successful author, speaker and therapist.  

"The Mind Performance Institute has created one of the best educational, vocational and personal learning experiences you could do anywhere on the planet.  After looking at all the available training courses in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching  I couldn't be happier to have completed this comprehensive programme."  Katrina R


Life Changing

This has been completely life changing for me.  This amazing course you put together has given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years and to comfortably sit with the sadness that overwhelms me at times.  I guess it has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me.  I will be forever grateful for the teachings and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Wherever my life takes me I will always remember this as a wonderful turning point in my life.

Michael Blades


Thank you so much for this incredibly rich and inspiring experience.  So much content, effort and honesty behind it.  Thank you, thank you for sharing it with us.  So rare to get all of the wonderful juicy bits of sacred practice and philosophy.  So rare and treasured.  Thank you for all you’ve given us to work with in our practice.  This is a base that I know is going to give me incredible support in my life.  Invaluable.  Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and support.  

Angela Connell


One of the main impacts for me was the inspiration you provide through example.  I love how you wake up every day with an intention to be the best you can be by committing to the things that make you alive and balanced.  In doing so part of that encourages others to do the same.  I am so grateful to have such a balanced, devoted, compassionate teacher who I really feel believes in me. 

Kerri Pittman

Recent Graduates of Mind Performance Hypnosis and NLP Trainings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Different About the Mind Performance Institute Hypnosis Course

Your lead trainer, Michael Daly has been offering mindset based trainings for over 20 years.  Experience counts in this field with many trainers extremely inexperienced.  He has built a million dollar business and taught well over 10000 hours of vocational training in Australia and abroad.  The Mind Performance Institute is committed to your education, not just taking your money!  You are provided with extensive post course support, online learning tools and teacher access.  

During the course there are no hard upsells to hundreds of different courses.  On some 6 day trainings you can lose almost 1 - 1.5 days in selling.  If you find value with these trainings then we hope you come back and keep learning.  It's that simple!

You learn actual therapeutic tools rather than just hypnotic inductions!  Many training schools promise to teach you hypnotherapy but then spend most of the course just teaching you how to hypnotise.  That is actually the easy part!  But hypnosis alone is of no real benefit unless it is tied in with therapeutic processes.  The Mind Performance Institute course stands above most trainings in that you learn highly specific therapeutic interventions for managing addictions, trauma, weight loss, anxiety, pain control, insomnia, sports performance and confidence, fears and phobias.  You will leave this training with a simple formula for helping your clients get the results they want fast.  

What is the Payment Plan?

A 4 month payment plan is offered with the Practitioner course. You pay a $300 deposit upon enrolment.  The remainder can be broken up into a further 4 monthly instalments of $300.    

Are there assessments?

Yes!   As this is both an introduction and an Advanced Hypnotherapy course, this is a highly respected vocational training and you are expected to know your stuff!   You will need to complete some home learning, readings and written assignments.  There are no exams but you are assessed and given feedback every step of the way.  

What can I do when I am finished?

So much!  Many people set up their own business when they complete the training.  They work as a Hypnotherapist either from home, online or at a business practice.   Many people add this to their existing skillset and start getting much better results in their clinical therapy work. Others bring this into their workplace, whether a small business owner who wants to get the best out of their staff or a HR manager who wants to coach their team for better results.  Some people take these skills into sales, public speaking or corporate training.  

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