Integral Life Coaching Certification
with NLP and Hypnosis

Rediscover a Deeper Meaning, Purpose, and Fulfillment in Your Career and Build a Profitable Coaching Business Transforming Your Clients On a Deeper Level

Would you like to dramatically improve the results you get for your clients, increase your profits and enjoy greater satisfaction in your work life?

How would you like to embark on your own transformative journey that will reconnect you with your inner source of wellbeing, spirit, and purpose, while also learning the skills to coach others to greater health and success?

Welcome to the Integral Life Coaching programme. This is a training course designed for current Wellness Practitioners or those wanting to enter this field, to learn the skills to profoundly improve their own quality of life. Then offer new and exciting tools and techniques to enhance their clients lives as well.

Many clients today are seeking out coaching and life direction, in addition to just relief from their problems. They are craving answers that provide deeper meaning and purpose. They feel starved of genuine connection and motivation. They may be in pain both physically and emotionally but the traditional therapies and practices are just not providing them the answers.

This is where Integral Life Coaching offers the missing link.

Deep and rapid inner healing that goes to the root of the problem PLUS profound life purpose and renewed passion for living a truly meaningful life.

Stepping into a coaching role with your clients means deeper connections and greater success.

Learn the skills to offer a rapid inner mindset shift during your normal client sessions or consider adding a more comprehensive coaching arm to your business.

If you would like to explore the power of installing a more Integral life path for yourself and are genuinely curious about supporting your clients to do the same, keep reading…

Case Studies

Introducing The Integral Change Method

Many years ago, Michael Daly, the founder of Integral Life Coaching, came to a profound series of understandings about the human mind and how to maximise life satisfaction.

He has been sharing this with Wellness Practitioners for over 20 years and has seen them dramatically improve their clients lives.

The problem

1. We often try to bring about change by talking to the wrong part of our mind!

The Solution…

2. There is an inner part of us that is craving connection and communication if we just learn how to speak with it.

3. Rapid healing, happiness and renewed meaning in life flows effortlessly when you tap into this deeper, inner nature of the mind.

Coaching the Unconscious Mind

The Integral Change Method is built on a series of groundbreaking tools:

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Clinical Hypnosis


Evolutionary Psychology

Mindfulness Meditation

What Makes Integral Life Coaching Unique?

Bringing Meaning Back to Life

At Integral Life Coaching, we offer a unique approach that transcends the superficial motivations of traditional coaching. With over 20 years of experience, our coaching methodology goes beyond mere goal-setting and financial success. We dive deep into your inner world, helping you reconnect with the very essence and purpose of what it means to be human.

We recognise that many people today are experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression and loneliness. This stems from a place of dealing with a difficult past while at the same time feeling lost, hopeless and without meaning in a modern life.

Bringing an Integral vision into coaching is about helping our clients reconnect with a richer sense of purpose and life direction by:

Rapidly healing the story of their past through a method of deep subconscious re-learning.

Then re-imagining a bright, alive and passionate future that is built on connecting with an inner essence and guiding force, often neglected in a modern, noisy life.

5 Internationally Recognised Qualifications in One Powerful Training Course

Integral Life Coaching: Learn the complete coaching framework for enhancing success, building abundance and living a life of deeper meaning.

NLP Practitioner Certification: Acquire powerful techniques to enhance communication, build rapid rapport, transform limiting beliefs, release fears, traumas and phobias fast, build influence and unlock the full potential of individuals and groups.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training: Harness the power of the subconscious mind and learn therapeutic techniques to facilitate breakthroughs and healing.

Time Line Therapy: Explore the relationship between your client's timeline and their emotions, beliefs, and behaviours, enabling them to release negative experiences and create a compelling future.

Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork: Integrate mindfulness practices into your coaching approach to foster self-awareness, resilience, and personal growth.

This Program is For You If:

You are currently working in the Wellness Industry as a counsellor, psychologist, chiropractor, nutritionist, yoga teacher, physiotherapist, naturopath etc or would like to enter this industry as a coach.

You want to re-ignite your own passion for life by discovering a deeper and richer meaning for your career and life path.

You are curious about balancing a worldly life with a richer inner connection to essence, purpose and spirit.

You want to learn cutting edge tools for transforming the Subconscious mind including Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Mindfulness.

You want to deliver rapid, deep and lasting change for your clients that goes beyond traditional mind/body approaches by introducing an Integral map of meaning and purpose to their life.

You are interested in adding a coaching arm to your business that will increase profit and build stronger client referrals.

You seek an approach that goes beyond mere motivation, goal-setting, and financial success, and instead focuses on holistic personal growth and development.

Despite feeling limited in your current career, you possess a strong inner drive to make a positive impact in the world, but you're unsure of where to start or how to turn your aspirations into reality.

And the results that this methodology
has generated in my client’s lives:

Michael Blades

This has been completely life changing for me. This amazing course you put together has given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years and to comfortably sit with the sadness that overwhelms me at times. I guess it has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me. I will be forever grateful for the teachings and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wherever my life takes me I will always remember this as a wonderful turning point in my life.

Angela Connell

Thank you so much for this incredibly rich and inspiring experience. So much content, effort and honesty behind it. Thank you, thank you for sharing it with us. So rare to get all of the wonderful juicy bits of sacred practice and philosophy. So rare and treasured. Thank you for all you’ve given us to work with in our practice. This is a base that I know is going to give me incredible support in my life. Invaluable. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and support.

Kerry Pitman

The retreat was so wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it! One of the main impacts for me was the inspiration you provide through example. I love how you wake up every day with an intention to be the best you can be by committing to the things that make you alive and balanced. In doing so part of that encourages others to do the same. I am so grateful to have such a balanced, devoted, compassionate teacher who I really feel believes in me.

In this program, we offer you a powerful solution both for your own life and for your business.

Coach Yourself First!

All great coaches, therapists, healers and teachers are those who fully walk the path, live by their deeper truth and then radiate this to others. Become your own Integral Life coach first, unlocking your personal map of growth and meaning.

Build an Abundant Coaching Business

Coaching is the fastest growing field in wellness. We provide you with the knowledge, tools and professional recognition to build a thriving coaching business, adding substantial revenue to your income while maintaining a balanced work-life schedule.

Here’s What To Expect:

1. Become a Highly Sought-After Coach: With five internationally recognized qualifications, you'll possess a comprehensive skill set that sets you apart in the coaching industry.

2. Transform Lives on a Deeper Level: Learn advanced techniques to facilitate profound and lasting change in your clients, empowering them to reach their full potential.

3. Open New Career Possibilities: Unlock a world of opportunities as a certified Integral Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist equipped with diverse modalities to address a wide range of client needs.

4. Elevate Your Professional Practice: Integrate cutting-edge tools and methodologies into your wellness practice, amplifying your effectiveness and results.

5. Join an Elite Community: Connect with a supportive network of like-minded coaches and professionals, fostering collaboration, growth, and ongoing learning.

All of this plus you get to have the most wonderful time training with Michael on this fun, inspirational and highly transformative course…

What does it mean to be an Integral Life Coach?

How Does It Work?

A fun, deep and life changing 8 days of Live training. 

Guided home learning with audio, video and written support. 

Hands on learning to develop your skills in NLP, Mindset and Life Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy 

Meditation Training delivered online at your own pace. 

Post training mentoring and support to refine your skills and enhance your confidence.

At the conclusion of this training you can work as a coach and hypnotherapist anywhere in the world!

A rapid deepening of your skills over 8 days of Live training.

This is where you develop true mastery of your skills.

Master NLP, Life & Mind Performance Coaching and Time Line Therapy

Become an expert communicator and storyteller, help people transform deep limiting beliefs, work masterfully with metaphors, learn rapid change work for healing.

Master relationship coaching and career coaching through the use of advanced values elicitation and alignment processes.  

Optional – work toward the full Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy where you will develop skills in age regression, parts integration, pain management PLUS advanced trauma, phobia and anxiety release protocols.  At the conclusion you will be qualified to offer health fund rebates.  


Practitioner Training Stage 1

Taught over two 4 Day Intensives PLUS pre and post online learning at home.  Modules must be done in order. 

Module 1 (Select from):

October 26-29 Sunshine Coast

2024 Dates: 

March 14-17 Sunshine Coast

May 3-6 Brisbane

September 26-29 Sunshine Coast

Module 2 (Select from):

November 23-26 Sunshine Coast

2024 Dates:

April 11- 14 Sunshine Coast

June 6-9 Brisbane 

October 17-20 Sunshine Coast

Master Practitioner Training Stage 2

Taught over two 4 Day Intensives PLUS pre and post learning at home. 

Choose from the following dates
(Modules can be done in any order):

Module 1 – July 4-7  Sunshine Coast 

Module 2 – August 1-4 Sunshine Coast

Optional Upgrade to Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – 4 Days Live Training

2023:  Nov 2-5 Sunshine Coast

2024:  Nov 21-24

Meet your host:

Hi I’m Michael Daly, founder of the Mind Performance Institute and the Integral Change Method. Many years ago my life hit a wall and I felt lost, helpless and uncertain where to focus my energies. It was at this time that I discovered something about myself (and everyone else for that matter) that really changed so much for me.

This discovery, about how to heal, manage and truly master my mind, gave my life back its meaning. It helped me re-write the story of my past and most excitingly, supported me in creating a beautiful life of purpose and abundance doing what I love - supporting other people to flourish!

This became the basis of the Integral Change Method.

I would love to share this discovery with you…

Practitioner Training

Stage 1

✔ 8 Day Live Training Intensive (as 2x 4 day blocks) plus 60hr Home Study.

✔ 5 Certifications in NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, Coaching and Meditation Facilitation.


Master Practitioner

Stage 2

✔ 8 Days Live Training (as 2x 4 Day blocks) plus extended home study programme.

✔ Master Level qualifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Mindset and Life Coaching.

✔Prerequisite - Practitioner Training


Stage 1 & 2 Combined Package

✔ Eight out of ten people who complete Practitioner training go on to complete Master Practitioner. Save money by enrolling for both in advance.

✔ Optional Upgrade to 650 Hr Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 4 Days of Live Training Plus Extensive Online, Home Learning and Case Studies. $1600 Surcharge


Do you still have some doubts?


Your lead trainer, Michael Daly has been offering mindset based trainings for over 20 years. Experience counts in this field with many trainers extremely inexperienced. He has built a million dollar business and taught well over 10000 hours of vocational training in Australia and abroad. The Mind Performance Institute is committed to your education, not just taking your money! You are provided with extensive post course support, online learning tools and teacher access.

During the course there are no hard upsells to hundreds of different courses. On some 6 day trainings you can lose almost 1 – 1.5 days in selling. If you find value with these trainings then we hope you come back and keep learning. It’s that simple!

Mindfulness Meditation is added to your coaching programme. After 30 years of personal practice, Michael has seen how regular mindfulness practice deeply impacts people’s lives. Learning to deepen your own meditation practice, create individualised programmes for clients and offer longer courses, if you choose, will separate you from other coaches.

A 12 month payment plan is offered with the Practitioner course.  You pay a $300 deposit upon application, $800 initial instalment followed by 12 monthly payments of $285.

An 18 month payment plan is offered for the combined Master Practitioner training.  You pay $300 deposit upon application, $800 initial instalment followed by 18 monthly payments of $400.

It is possible to do the practitioner training over 2 x 4 day blocks or over an intensive 8 day immersion. Students benefit significantly by finding the time to dive in and experience the power of a fully immersive learning programme. Just like you need to visit the country to learn a new language, fully immersing yourself in the training without distractions will almost guarantee a more potent outcome.

Yes!  This is a highly respected vocational training and you are expected to know your stuff!   You will need to complete some home learning and written assignments plus case studies for the Master Practitioner.  There are no exams but you are assessed and given feedback every step of the way.  

So much!  Many people set up their own business when they complete the training.  They work as a Life Coach, Business Mindset Coach, Performance Coach or Clinical Hypnotherapist.   Many people add this to their existing skillset and start getting much better results in their clinical therapy work. Others bring this into their workplace, whether a small business owner who wants to get the best out of their staff or a HR manager who wants to coach their team for better results.  Some people take these skills into sales, public speaking or corporate training.  

NLP is actually the foundation of the entire training.  Developed in the 1970’s in a moment of genius, the founders discovered many of the secret principles for how great therapists, educators and business people achieve success.  They developed a model of the mind that allows for rapid inner change work.  The most potent aspect of NLP is the language and communication training.  You virtually learn to speak to yourself and others in a powerful new way that has purpose and meaning rather than just reciting old beliefs and programmes.  You become a masterful communicator and watch as so many aspects of life, relationship and business improve as a result.  

You don’t need to become a masterful hypnotist in order to be a great coach. Hypnosis is bundled into this programme because many people get great personal benefit from learning these skills. Much of the focus on this coaching programme is on coaching the unconscious as much as the conscious mind. Simple hypnotic processes are some of the easiest ways to help your clients make huge changes, fast.

The hypnosis is only a smaller component of the 8 day live training but there is more home study and practice to complete (optional) if you want to be certified as a practitioner. However, it does often happen that some people really fall in love with the power of hypnosis and want to work in this field more after the training. It is one of the more enjoyable and fun aspects of the training.

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