The 3-Step Formula for Creating More Flow and Greater Fulfillment In the Workplace

Rewire Your Mind - Rebrand Your Identity - Reset Your Focus

DIY Mental Wellness

Ellen Langer, a social psychologist and researcher put it simply, 'an engaged and present mind is a happy mind.  A disengaged, wandering state of attention is an unhappy mind'

With levels of distraction, stress, mental overwhelm, anxiety and depression becoming endemic to modern life, it is no longer enough to hope that employees will just 'sort themselves out' in their own time.  

DIY Mental Wellness is a programme that teaches, guides and supports members of your team to discover a state of mental equilibrium, peacefulness and renewed engagement.  In releasing the inner conflicts, centering the mind's attention and engaging with renewed purpose, people find themselves in a state of relaxed flow easily and effortlessly.

'Companies who implement workplace wellness programmes experience less sick leave, greater productivity and higher levels of worker satisfaction'

DIY Mental Wellness - what's missing?

Over twenty years, the team at Mind Performance Institute have developed a simple, easy to implement system of mental tools, meditations, breathwork and motivation strategies designed to help employees rediscover happiness and greater flow in themselves, in relationships and in life.  

We've discovered that when it comes to reclaiming flow and mental wellness most people are lacking three things:

1.  The right understanding about how their mind and brain work.

2.  The right tools to manage stress, improve focus and access calm.

3.  The right support to re-train the brain and body to make these new processes automatic.

We pass on the knowledge, support you to implement the programmes then check-in regularly to guarantee maximum success.  Our programme begins with a fun, interactive and immediately practical 3 Hr presentation.  

Participants feel empowered to take what they learn and apply it in their life.  Online training and support is offered from the outset.

Here's what your staff will learn in this 

3 Hr Reclaiming Flow Workshop

Why being able to access FLOW is the single biggest indicator of both personal satisfaction and workplace success.
A simple 3 step formula that everyone can use for DIY Mental Wellness.  
How to create a mindfulness meditation practice at home and why this is important.  
Why breathing is your secret weapon for managing stress, overcoming anxiety and super charging your energy.  
How emotions can be either friend or foe and how to release anxiety, worry and self doubts with ease.

About Michael Daly

Michael has had three major incarnations in his working life.  He started out in Criminal Law in Brisbane then transferred to the corporate world of Business, working as a Head of Marketing in London. 

A significant shift in mindset and life focus saw Michael make a 180 Turnaround in 2000.  He has spent the last 20 years leading inspirational training programmes and retreats in mindfulness, health, wellness and the art of personal fulfillment.  He has built a million dollar business, created numerous health studios and facilitated over 10 000 hours of vocational based training.  

Uniquely positioned in both worlds of business and inner personal development, Michael brings a focused, light heartedness to his trainings.  He recognises the very real need for personal transformation and effective mind management but also the necessity for us all to relax, stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy the simple art of living a good life!  

A Deeper Dive into the Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

The Power of Meditation and Mindset

Recent research in the field of management and workplace wellness suggests that mindfulness is linked to better workplace functioning.

Among the many conclusions:

• Mindfulness appears to positively impact human mental functioning and satisfaction overall. 

• Mindfulness improves attention, focus and productivity.  Stabilising attention in the present moment has been shown to increase happiness and fulfillment beyond even productivity measures.   

• Mindfulness is not only an individual quality but has been shown to benefit interpersonal behavior and working relationships.  Brain scans show enlarged areas where individuals can more effectively understand and relate to others problems and concerns.  

• Mindfulness lowers stress dramatically.  Slow breathing, mindful attention, less judgement and greater acceptance of circumstances switches the nervous system from fear to openness.  

High Emotional Intelligence at Work

Listening, reflecting, and responding to constructive criticism
Making better decisions and solving problems
Resolving conflicts
Better job satisfaction and overall job performance
Higher ratings on measures of interpersonal functional, leadership abilities and stress management.

Start supporting your organisation to perform at their absolute best whilst maintaining optimal mental wellness and life satisfaction.  

Reclaiming Flow

Step 1 - 3 Hr Introductory Training

Schedule an initial training for your team.  This is a fun interactive, engaging session that will leave staff feeling refreshed, energised and clear.  All participants will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, breathing and emotional management techniques alongside simple methods for reclaiming flow.  

Everyone receives online take home guided practices to establish these techniques for themselves.  

Investment:  $995

The 180 Process

Step 2

A 6 Month in-house and online learning programme for all staff to be supported in finding flow in the workplace, managing stress and anxiety, rediscovering optimal mental health and living with greater purpose and passion.

This is the flagship training of MPI that is taught in a series of either regular in-house sessions or a 3 day - offsite intensive.  Ongoing support, coaching and online training are provided over an extended period. 

Investment:  Dependent on organisation structure and needs.

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