The 180 Process - 3 Days to Turn Your Life ARound

You Deserve a Life of Fulfillment
Let me Show You How

Have you done everything you can to be successful and happy but still find yourself unfulfilled, searching, wondering, despairing? 

The 180 Process is an unforgettable, almost miraculous  3 day event that will turn your life around forever!

Learn the 3 Powerful Steps to Living a Life of Fulfillment, ease and enduring happiness.

Rebrand - Rewire - Reset

 'The Genius of the 180 Process is that first you learn how to connect inside yourself.  You stop looking outside for fulfillment and start looking within.  What you actually realise is that there is so much peace, love and happiness inside that everything else is just a bonus.  you then learn to treat life as a fun enjoyable adventure rather than a struggle or burden.  THis changes everything...'

Andrew Roberts - Farm Owners Academy

Fulfillment First

An amazing life second

Start living from the inside out and be quietly amazed as life begins to flow...

Taught by Mind Performance expert Michael Daly

Twenty years ago Michael came to a profound realisation about the nature of life that changed everything.  

Everyone navigates their life the wrong way around!

We focus out there in the world and hope that when we get everything 'right' then happiness and satisfaction will follow.

But it never does...

Michael discovered 3 steps to re-orienting his mind to live as he says, from the inside out.

When your inner world is in harmony, when you are in contact with the source of your minds power, when you have cleared the debris from your past and installed the right operating system to move forward then your outer world can't be anything other than spectacular!

A career in Criminal Law and then Business dissolved into a clear life mission to support others in living their best life imaginable.  A clinical hypnotherapist, mind performance coach and meditation trainer, for over 20 years, Michael has led over 10000 hours of training courses and more than 65 retreats in Australia and abroad.

An Unforgettable 3 Days

Everyone knows meditation is great, good breathing is important and negative emotions are harmful but not many people take the time to do anything about it!

Most people have forgotten how incredible it can feel to live in this body.  

Grant yourself the time to reset your batteries fully.  
Gift yourself the rare opportunity to just focus on yourself - free from distractions

Over 3 days you will participate in a deep dive into your mind that will leave you feeling like a cool breeze has just blown in and cleared all the stress from your mind.

Explore modern, science backed tools of meditation, breathwork, NLP and self hypnosis that change the deepest parts of your mind fast.  Explore unique tools of DIY Mental Wellness where you become your own therapist.  Learn the tools to instantly clear negative emotions and discover how to step into a compelling future with motivation and ease.    

Learn the unique 180 System that teaches you how to live in 3 time zones simultaneously - release the negative influences of the past, re-imagine an exciting future and live more of your moments in this precious NOW moment.  

Here's What You'll Learn During this Training:

Day 1 - Rebrand   

A powerful identity shift where you rediscover that who you have taken yourself to be is not the whole picture.  You connect with an inner world long forgotten.  Meditation, stillness and self enquiry lead you into a deep and often long forgotten connection with the essence of you. 

Day 2 Rewire  

You re-train the Alpha Bridge in your brain to put you into a flow state with ease.  You master your breath, balance your brain and dig in deep to remove those old belief systems, negative emotions and traumas that hold you back.

Day 3 Reset  

You begin re-populating your mind with the optimal programmes for it to create the future it could previously only imagine.   You will learn self hypnosis, visualisation and timeline processes to help you establish a daily practice that will help to install the updated software in your brain.

Here's What You'll Discover About Yourself During this Training:

That the true joy of a human life is when you live in connection with your inner world first and foremost.  Inside you is a natural source of calm, happiness and goodness.  Open your inner world and your outer world can flourish.

That three things can limit your happiness in life - limiting belief systems, internal dialogue and adverse childhood experiences.   Gently unravel each of these and you will rediscover an almost unstoppable energy and happiness inside. 
You'll laugh a lot.  

You might cry!

You'll move, breathe and enjoy 3 unforgettable days.

You'll dive in deep, uncover a jewel you've buried away for too long and leave feeling more excited about your future than ever before.  

This course is only offered twice annually and is often a sell out.  Spaces are limited so that individual care and attention can be given to everyone in the room.  Book early to avoid disappointment. 

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