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Re-set your mind, re-train your brain and start living with a renewed energy and passion for life that is truly your birthright to discover...   

Mind Performance Institute is an industry leader in transformational education and personalised coaching and therapy.   

Choose from four powerful programmes and start transforming your mind and life today

Training Courses and Education

Do you feel called to help others make rapid and lasting change in their life?  Mind Performance Institute offers some of the worlds leading training courses in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Meditation.  

Study In-Person or Online

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Performance Coaching

If you are ready to start feeling better today, work with one of this countries most experienced hypnotherapists and mind coaches to create rapid inner change that lasts...

Packages for:

Anxiety, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Trauma, Grief, Sports Performance and More...

Meditation Courses,  Retreats and Trainings

Learn the fundamentals of good breathing, focused attention and stress free relaxation either at home, deepen your practice on a meditation retreat or become a teacher of meditation.   

Corporate Training - DIY Mental Wellness

Book a 2hr introductory training for your company where they will learn the fundamental skills to manage their mind, energy and emotions in a more optimal way.  

Companies who implement mind and emotional based training have been regularly shown to have lower rates of sickness, higher productivity, increased profits and enhanced levels of worker satisfaction.  

Life Changing

 This has been completely life changing for me.  This amazing course you put together has given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years and to comfortably sit with the sadness that overwhelms me at times.  I guess it has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me.  I will be forever grateful for the teachings and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Wherever my life takes me I will always remember this as a wonderful turning point in my life.

Michael Blades


  Thank you so much for this incredibly rich and inspiring experience.  So much content, effort and honesty behind it.  Thank you, thank you for sharing it with us.  So rare to get all of the wonderful juicy bits of sacred practice and philosophy.  So rare and treasured.  Thank you for all you’ve given us to work with in our practice.  This is a base that I know is going to give me incredible support in my life.  Invaluable.  Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and support.  

Angela Connell


 The retreat was so wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  One of the main impacts for me was the inspiration you provide through example.  I love how you wake up every day with an intention to be the best you can be by committing to the things that make you alive and balanced.  In doing so part of that encourages others to do the same.  I am so grateful to have such a balanced, devoted, compassionate teacher who I really feel believes in me. 

Kerry Pitman

Nature finds a way to move, adapt and bend with an ease that is awe inspiring.  When you re-claim that natural flow of energy inside, direct your mind purposefully and clear the blocks that hold you back then be amazed as life becomes more effortless and so much more enjoyable.  

It doesn't have to be so hard! 

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